what is customer feedback software?

A good customer feedback survey software shouldn't have bugs and all the necessary features. Of course, it has to be easy to use and great for the user.


Collect and organize product feedback from your users


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Allow customers to see and track their suggestions


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Know Why FeedbackUp is Best Customer Feedback Software?

At the moment, it's not easy to find reliable software that doesn't have a lot of extra features since most companies try to add everything without thinking about which parts are needed. They do this because they want to make the best software, which is good but makes the UI harder to use. As you can see, it could worsen things for people who use it.

I tried out a lot of apps by downloading their free trial versions before I found ProProfs Survey Maker. It has powerful features and makes sure the user has a great time.

Intelligent analytics Presentation-ready reports 1,000,000+ ready-to-use survey questions 20+ question types, including ratings & buttons 100+ pre-made survey templates Customization options

Good Customer Feedback software

It has a free version, but I've been using the paid plan so I can use its unique features. I'm not trying to show off; I want to send a simple message: "Businesses of all sizes can use this survey maker software to get helpful feedbacks."

Our Complete Guide To Customer Feedback Software

What Good Customer Feedback Software Is

That's a comprehensive question, and if you want product suggestions, you'll need to give a bit more information. Different feedback tools work better in different situations (online vs. offline, for example) and different industries (e.g., utilities and retailers).

However, good customer survey software should have the following characteristics:

It gets a lot of feedback

Too many conclusions can be drawn from small amounts of data (like TripAdvisor reviews), so you need something easy for the customer to use in your situation. ServiceDesk, for example, is the market leader in collecting feedback in physical locations using the messaging apps people already have on their phones. However, other tools will work better for you if you only have an online business.

Data is captured and made available to the right staff in real-time

This is more important than ever because you want to be able to respond quickly to negative feedback. Millennials have grown up in a digital world, so they expect a quick answer when they make a complaint, no matter how it's made.

It's easy to respond to customers in real time

Real time Feedback Software

This is the part of the customer management experience that deals with the details (CME). By "tactical," I mean the process of trying to improve CX for a single customer, as opposed to making changes that will have a more significant, longer-lasting effect on many customers in the future.

It should produce live, actionable customer insights

If something keeps going wrong in your business, you should find out about it as soon as possible. A good dashboard for analyzing feedback will be able to find these problems without much help from people. But again, different types of businesses will get more out of different dashboards, so be sure to choose a product that fits your industry.

Robust reporting functionality

A good dashboard for analyzing feedback will be able to find these problems without much help from people.So you need a product that makes it easy to get the correct data out of the system in the proper format.

Good customer support and self-service options

Most businesses will want to change their surveys from time to time, or they may need help figuring out what questions to ask. The provider of the software should be able to handle these requests with little or no extra cost.


Customer Feedback Software is an intelligent way to collect, organize, and analyze feedback regularly. You can listen to customers anytime, ensure goals are met and changed, improve the customer experience, measure customer satisfaction, and keep more customers. If you want to incorporate a simple customer survey into your company's work operations, you can opt for Feedback.


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