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Your public page should reflect your company's brand and voice. Adding a logo and tagline is a great way to personalize your page and let visitors know who you are.


Personalize Helps Companies to Make Users Feel Special and Valued

Companies can demonstrate to their customers that they are important to them by personalising their content

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feedback status update

Feedback Status Update

The feedback status is an essential component of the feedback process. It helps the recipient understand how the feedback is being used and how it affects the feedback process. Without the feedback status, the feedback process would be significantly less effective.

get your voice heard

Get Your Voice Heard

If you like or agree with something you see, you can show your support for it by giving it an upvote. Upvotes are a way of indicating that you approve of the content, and they're commonly used on social media and other online platforms.

app integration

App Integration

The team is gathering all of the technical issues and updating them in the project management tool so that the team can resolve them as soon as possible.

custom domain

Custom Domain

Businesses can create a custom domain name that exclusively represents their company. This domain name will map to the company's website, making it easier for customers to find and remember the website address.

What is Personalize?

Personalize is the process of creating a message or experience that is specifically tailored to an individual. This can be accomplished by considering the person's interests or by providing a personalised user experience on a website or app.

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