Customer Feedback Page

to add feedback for every product

provide you with information about your customers' concerns and interests, as well as the email addresses of users who chose to include them when creating an account.

Customer Feedback Page

Include Customer Feedback Page Along With Project Details

Make sure you include customer feedback along with project details if you can. This will help them understand how the product was created and tested

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sort and search filter

Sort And Search Filter

Sort and search feature on any website to sort the data as per our need, and we can also explore the desired category on that website.

multiple feedback types

Multiple Feedback Types

Get feedback from your users in bugs, enhancement requests, and even compliments. Let buyers provide input in a variety of ways.

user friendly design

User Friendly Design

Helps us to analyze the user's comments quickly and product information provided by the user is complete and meaningful.



Give feedback on this product. You can use it to report bugs, make feature requests, ask questions, or tell us how great the product is. You'll get responses from the team and others in the community.

feedback voting

Feedback Voting

Engage with users and getting quick responses is an essential feature of a great app. It allows users to tell you where your app needs improvement and give you insight into what they truly love.

What is Customer Feedback Page??

A Customer Feedback Page will give you insight into your customers' concerns and interests and the email addresses of users who opted to include them at account creation. This page can be customized to display data specific to the project.

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