Unlimited Projects

manage multiple projects at one place

Create as many projects as you need. Need to aggregate data from additional sites, Create a project for each.

Unlimited Projects

Analyze Your Products With Unlimited Projects

Add multiple projects to one dashboard and get the feedback from all in one place. Switch projects easily with a menu, and add new projects with one click

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add project member

Add Project Member

Add the project name, project member name, and the number of hours he spends on the project to complete the task. Because the admin is in charge of the project members, he has this level of access.

public link

Public Link

Get public link option is where we can see all customers' comments in a very good manner with a very recent comment rate also is there, and this website was very useful for all people's reviews.

advanced search filters

Advanced Search Filters

Use advanced features such as advanced filters, filtering by project, and filtering by voting type such as upvote, resolved bugs, etc.

feedback activity link

Feedback Activity Link

Click on the feedback activity link to enter a title and specific information such as name, description, and email address. The feedback activity link enables customers to give feedback.

what is Unlimited Projects?

Unlimited Projects is a feature that allows you to add several projects and receive client feedback on all of them in one place.

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