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Convert every promising prospect into leads and propel them into your sales pipeline efficiently.

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One Platform for converting prospects into leads.

  • Find accounts and contacts by leveraging Social Media

  • Use advanced RPA tools to scrap prospect details automatically

  • Create Cadences to assign tasks to team members and manage tasks

  • Buit-in AI to send customized emails and messages to enagage prospects

best customer feedback software

Unlimited Projects

Increase your retention rate by embracing feedback by adding multiple projects and analyzing customer retention by their comments and reviews.

unlimited projects
add project member

Add Project Member

Adding project members and project admin can check the status of feedback taken by each member and analyze who is responsible for which project.

public link

Public Link

Write feedback and comments to your preference, like the feedback, and see your feedback's current status. by adding feedback, we can see the overall feedback for a particular product.

advanced search filters

Advanced Search Filters

Search with advanced search for greater control over your searches and comments. Filter your searches and comments by type, date, channel, or user.

feedback activity link

Feedback Activity Link

Add new comments with detailed information like Title, name, description, and mail id.

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Intuitive Dashboard

Get a glimpse at how your product is doing in terms of feedback at a glance.

intuitive dashboard
feedback status

FeedBack Status

Review your feedback status. You can get your feedback status as resolved or unsolved on our site, in pending status and bug status. We don't tolerate any bugs, so we will give back our service with the best performance.

advanced filter

Advanced Filter

Conduct surveys and market research to get feedback from your customers. Capture the data and analyze the results with this tool.

feedback demographics

Feedback Demographics

Capture your customers’ experiences. Choose demographic criteria like location and device, and ask targeted questions to pinpoint their feedback by state.

online status update

Online Status Update

Check your online feedback status online. This application helps you identify what you should improve on your social media presence, which platforms to target, and historical data to track your progress.

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Customer Feedback Page

Allows users to participate in a way that ensures the progress of the Help Site product. As a result, the project will meet user requests for enhancements.

customer feedback page
sort and search filter

Sort And Search Filter

Give us the access to sort the data and search the category which we want and we can get the results as per our's a property that we can use in applications to sort and search the information

multiple feedback types

Multiple Feedback Types

Get your product feedback in multiple types - bugs and comments. You will be notified by email when your users submit feedback. The Multiple Feedback Types feature lets you get product feedback in bugs, statements, and any other feedback type you want.

user friendly design

User Friendly Design

Make the software and products easy to use. A user-friendly product or web design is easily navigable and understandable and provides a good user experience. The whole design is optimized for the user. To make it easy to use for our users.



Available on mobile and tablets, get the full power of commenting in the palm of your hand. Designed for Android and iOS, comments allow you to reply to comments, resolve threaded discussions and mention other users without leaving the application you are in.

feedback voting

Feedback Voting

Increase Feedback Strength by organizing feedback from different stakeholders into one place. Get a clear picture of overall feedback strength and recognize areas for product improvements.

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Custom Domain

Manage multiple applications on the same domain. So we can easily manage the application from one place. You can map your app to your domain name if you have one. You add a CNAME record for your domain name to the app's custom domains page.

custom domain
add your domain name

Add Your Domain Name

Create your domain name here, and manage feedback status for each separate domain. Any issues with a single domain do not affect your others.

secured feedback page

Secured Feedback Page

Get more reviews and feedback online by adding a secured branded feedback page to your domain. This feature means that you can secure your domain by adding a domain, and it's a secured feedback page.

c-name forwarding

C-name Forwarding

Manage your online feedback and rating by using C-name forwarding so that you can get good results from your website. We’ll forward your C-name to any URL as often as you want. Redirect other users and manage incoming feedback.

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Email Notification

Receive instant email updates when package status changes, quickly and easily view your delivery information. Email notifications can help you easily keep track of important details.

email notification
real time status updates

Real Time Status Updates

Get real-time updates on your product and feedback status. This feature allows you to get live product updates and feedback updates. Product and feedback updates are delivered in real-time.

communicate progress

Communicate Progress

Communicate progress to your customers in a simple, easy-to-understand way. Use existing features such as ratings and comments, or create new ones that help you communicate exactly how your product is doing.

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Feedback Timeline

Get new feedback is typically displayed at the top of the page. A glance will show you further feedback and remind you to post new responses when you have something to say or need a reminder.

feedback timeline
historical data

Historical Data

Get access to historical customer data. The customer can receive the historical data of his device by the date and time and filter by a place attached to this device.

track feedback status

Track Feedback Status

Track product feedback status. It will be helpful for the user to know his feedback is in the pending stage or resolved or in bug status.

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